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Thursday, May 31, 2012


1. iPhone
Is it because it was the most popular GOOGLE search term in 2007?
Or because the only new gadget that out sold the iPhone in North America was the Blackberry? (Computerworld)Or maybe Apple iPhone is number one because everyone, including Gen-Y wants one. According to Macworld, the iPhone was on the top of the Christmas wish lists of 13 to 25-year-olds in the United States.Maybe it was the multi-touch function that made iPhone soar to the top.iPhone, which was released in January 2007, has become the singular most popular smartphone and is the gold standard in the smartphone industry.

The iPhone first went on sale on June 29, 2007 for $499 (4GB) and $599 (8GB) with an AT&T contract. Over the next few years, Apple rolled out newer versions of iPhone even as it subsidized the price of the handset.
Since June 2007 release, Apple has sold nearly 100 million iPhones so far.
Is it because it was the most popular GOOGLE search term in 2007?
2. iPod

iPod has evolved to include various models targeting the wants of different users, since its launch on October 23, 2001.
iPods heralds the new era of digital l music. The users can also use them as external storage devices for their compact size and generous storage capacity.
Without doubt, iPod has become popular. Since October 2004, the iPod line has dominated digital music player sales in the U.S., with over 90 percent of the market for hard drive-based players and over 70 percent of the market for all types of players.
Company announced at the September 9, 2009 keynote presentation that total cumulative sales of iPods exceeded 220 million.
3. iPad

When iPad was unveiled in January 27, 2010, Jobs called it a "magical" device but many people scoffed at the iPad, saying only early adopters would own it. However, Apple proved them wrong.
As of now, iPad has become the most popular tablet in the world. According to some analysts, Apple sold 15 million units iPad in 2010. This year, it will increase to over 50 million in terms of worldwide shipments.
According to a new survey from Baird Research & Insights, some 93 percent of consumers who already own a tablet own an iPad and 94.5 percent of potential purchasers are considering buying the Apple tablet.
4. Mac Family

Mac family, including MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini , iMac and Mac Pro, is Job's another contribution for the world .
Since the launch of Mac line of desktops and notebooks, Apple has boasted that it makes better sense to upgrade from a PC to a Mac as a Mac has better hardware, better software, a better OS, better support, it doesn't get PC virus, it works with existing PC file and you can also install Windows on a Mac to run the occasional Windows application you just can't live without.
5. Mac OS X

Mac OS X, another great contribution of Jobs, has become one of the most talked about software platforms.
Mac OS X 10.0 (codename: Cheetah) was released on March 24, 2001 and since then it has helped Apple drive sale of its Mac range of desktops.
The latest iteration of OS X - OS X 10.7 (Lion) - was released on July 20, 2011 and includes a plethora of features such as Multi-touch Gestures, Full Screen Apps, Mission Control, LaunchPad, Resume, AutoSave, Versions, AirDrop, Finder, iCal, Time Machine and FileVault 2.
6. Apple Culture

There is perhaps no company that boasts of so many fan followers as Apple does. There's even a name for Apple fans - Apple fanboys.

Apple users also have a strong solidarity and swear by the name. There was a time when Mac users would meet at the European Apple Expo and the San Francisco Macworld Conference & Expo trade shows where Apple traditionally introduced new products each year to the industry and public until Apple pulled out of both events. Though Apple does not have official representation there, the conferences still continue.
7. Integrate Hardware and Software

When Microsoft was still a technology giant, people believed only software is the leading force in technology. However, Jobs used Apple as a typical example to prove that hardware can also do it.
Apple has mastered the way of seamlessly integrating hardware and software and the results are iPhone, iPad, iPod - devices that have become leaders in their respective market segments.